July 31st, 2010


Unimpressed with Freecycle

What is it with people who use Freecycle? Or is it Wellington people?

Whatever it is, I'm done. I've given them two goes now and as far as I'm concerned, recycling stuff is not worth the hassle of dealing with a group of people who are either precious, or flakes. On Monday morning I will be calling the Sallies to take the stuff away - even though I care about the environment, even though I don't want to support an organisation that's anti-choice, enough is enough.

And it's the people involved in Freecycle that have driven me to this.

To the people who said they wanted the couch and chairs, then were late so I had to leave The Kid in charge of looking after them, who texted me saying they just wanted to look at them first and who failed to respond to my reply of "I would prefer they were gone today thanks" and then left the couch behind and were rude to my son:

Fuck you in the ear. Sideways, no lube. This is not TradeMe. You do not get to fuck people around while you hum and har over something they are giving you. If you want a couch, you want a fucking couch and being precious over whether it's perfect for your fucking decor is a privilege reserved for those who pay for stuff. Fuck you.

To the people who said they'd come this afternoon to take the desk and chest of drawers and then didn't show up or reply to emails, you can be fucked in the ear with the couch the wankers above left behind.

Last time I used Freecycle it was the same. WTF is with people who say they want something and then act like you're asking for their firstborn when you say you want them to take it?

Anyway, I'm done with Freecycle and that's why. Question: should I email the mods to let them know so they can put something in their rules about not stuffing people around?

Tomorrow I'll be shifting furniture with the kid. I have nowhere to put it because of Freecycle. Fuck Freecycle in the ear too.