July 26th, 2010



I saw two movies over the weekend - The Hurt Locker and Inception. I'm not going to say too much about Inception because lots of folks haven't seen it yet. It's very good, IMO, and worth the money to go see in theatres. The fact that most of our conversation after the movie stemmed from stuff raised by the movie gives it extra points.

It fails the Bechdel Test though.

The Hurt Locker, on the other hand, I'm happy to get spoilery about.

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Oh look John Key is at it again, this time giving employers power to insist on a medical certificate for one day off sick. He has, at least, said that the expense would be on the employer should they ask for this, but I imagine that would be in reimbursement form so it's not actually that useful. Never mind the inherent lack of trust that will be brought to the fore by this.

And for me? Usually when I take sick days it's about my mental health rather than my physical. I know, because I've lived in this mind/body combo for 40 years, that when I'm under emotional stress is when I get physically sick - witness right now for example. I had four days off work last week with a bad cold just after my mother died, after not being sick at all for a year. Usually, I am able to detect the signs of run-downness that I get when under stress and if I take a day off at that time, sleep in, take care of myself, I can usually deflect physical illness. This time I couldn't and four days off work was the result. For me, one day MHD can save more days of sickness. But watch me try to get a medical certificate for that.

Luckily for me, my employers are unlikely to insist because they understand that people are different and that most people are not trying to rip anyone off, and are good employers in general in terms of trust and flexibility.

But I feel very sorry for people in shearing gangs, freezing works, factories and the like. As usual, another law designed to marginalise the poor in favour of the business. Nothing new there really John. When do I get to vote you out again?