July 23rd, 2010


Faith in NZers - restored!

I found myself amused this morning passing Dick Smith on Featherston St, to see the queue of geeks-in-technolust outside waiting for the shop to open so they could get their iPads. Inside, the team of Dick Smithian staff members were having a team briefing. The staff members at that point (~7:30) outnumbered the geeks approximately 2:1.

It seems to me that the iPad is an example of that thing Apple have tapped into really well, that the iPhone also stirred. That is, instead of having a purpose for a gadget then finding a gadget to suit that purpose, the iWhatever has reversed this process in that folks see the gadget, want it, then find a purpose to suit the gadget - which they then use to justify the purchase of said gadget.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that, I just find it interesting in that 'hey look smart manipulation of consumerism there Apple' kind of way.

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Short notes: yes, I'm back at work.

Merlin's Apprentice is crap, don't bother. The first one was at least filmed in England and Wales, but when folks are wanking on about the preservation of Albion while surrounded by conifer forests? Er, no. British Columbia is not Britain.

It seems that no matter what essay topic I choose this trimester, what I'll actually be writing about is marriage as an institution of social control.

Fidels tonight, I am looking forward to it. Feels like I haven't seen anyone for ages.