July 17th, 2010



It seems there's something wrong with First. Yesterday I noticed in an offhand kind of way "Hey, you're walking like an old dog". Which is understandable because she is an old dog. But today, it's worse, she's gone a bit saggy in the back end and is obviously in pain and not moving around much.

Anyone who knows First knows how unusual this is.

Her gums are healthy, wet nose, all outward signs look fine. She's not yelping or cringing when I press on her spine or when I manipulate her back legs. There's only one spot that seems a little tender, but not enough to be causing her to be immobile. It's one of the problems with sheepdogs - they don't let on where it hurts.

Anyway, she's going to have to wait till later to go to the vet because today's Mum's memorial.


In other news, Adam Freeland was awesome but the gig surrounding him was mediocre and overcrowded. I still enjoyed his set but I don't like being bashed around by drunks and I left feeling disappointed and somewhat aggressive.

I like our parties better. Mr Freeland should play the Illuminati Temple.