July 8th, 2010


Striking while the iron's hot

And I come from a long line of blacksmiths, so I know a thing or two about striking hot iron. Like, make sure you're hanging onto the other end!


Anyway, this week has been productive. No kid, icky weather, home at night watching/listening to War On Drugs Merlin.. here's a list of the things I've achieved, more for my own satisfaction than anything else:

- Finished matrix coat
- Finished petal coat
- Fixed backsplit in pink dress that became bum-revealing after a pedestrian crossing incident where I faceplanted in front of a bunch of cars.
- Added a pirate patch to First's coat. ARRRRR!
- Fixed the collar on my zip cardie (what? everyone has a zip cardie)
- Put a wee toggle in my new bag so I can clip my keys in
- Put the Fannies back together

My mending/project pile has got considerably smaller - there's only one skirt left in it, and a knitted jacket thing that has a run in the shoulder - I've no idea how to fix that but I love the jacket and have to figure out a way.

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I bet "fuck" was around then though - not that you'll hear them use it.

Right, I'm off to go see the doctor about not getting dizzy and being able to hear.