July 7th, 2010


You spin me right round baby

Yesterday I had an attack of vertigo that lasted three hours. It started with feeling vaguely dizzy, and progressed to a case of the eye-wobbles, then a touch of nausea. Eventually it subsided, but only after me spending some time staggering around drunkenly, holding onto things so I didn't fall over.

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I've decided that Merlin is a metaphor for the War on Drugs. Here we have a king who is afraid of magic being used against him, so he bans it in his kingdom and punishes anyone found using it. Meanwhile, he's completely surrounded by people who are using magic successfully and he doesn't know about it, and in every episode he is confronted with the fact that people continue to use magic, yet he blindly refuses to accept that he can not make it go away by banning it, and only recognises the evil uses of it while being blissfully unaware of the good side, because people are forced to hide it from him.

La la la...