July 1st, 2010


In which I go off on a tangent

Some of you might remember how last year the IRD in their infinite wisdom miscalculated my Working For Families thingy, using an income from manymany years ago to produce a figure that almost exactly matched my supposed Child Support entitlement.

You might also remember that because these figures matched so closely, I thought I was getting Child Support and thought nothing of it until several months later when I got suspicious, rang them and discovered that I'd been paid $1000 more than I was supposed to be (while not actually having received ANY Child Support), and so I got the payments stopped and coped without it.

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Meanwhile, Oh noes! Raves! Seems there's an attempt to counter the current of anti-drugwar, pro-evidence based policy sentiment that's rising in the world. The problem? No real drug scares lately. The mephadrone thing turned out to be all bullshit, LSD and MDMA have been ethics approved for research using human subjects again, and countries like Portugal and Mexico* are trying new ways of dealing with drugs, ways that don't involve unsubstantiated blanket prohibition.

So what do we need? SCARE THE WHITE PEOPLE! Yes folks, it's your clean, white, middle class sons and daughters at these orgies of sex and drugs, destroying the nation's morality with their hugging and that terrible 'techno' music that we don't understand the appeal of that is um.. repetitive and therefore EVIL! You see, if we can make you think drugs turn nice white kids into morally bankrupt degenerates, it'll be so much easier for us to convince you those brown people are poor, unemployed and crime-stricken not because of our crappy policies and institutionalised racism, but because they deserve their marginalisation because they use drugs! Duh.

News flash: there would have to be one hell of a lot of MDMA (WAY more than your average 16-year-old could afford) in a bottle of water for anyone to get brain damage from drinking it, never mind that it would make the water taste nauseatingly bad. In fact, I can't think of any recreational drug used at dance parties that is likely to cause brain damage in that way, without also causing intoxication that would render the user incapable of continuing to drink. I wonder if she had hyponatraemia (electrolyte loss caused by drinking too much water, which became associated with ecstasy after drug war propaganda told people they could die of dehydration if they took it, causing folks to overdrink in fear). But of course, the article doesn't say, it just blames ecstasy and dance parties.

For those that can't view the video, the the article accompanying it is here. The comments on the vid are worth reading though, especially the one by Christopher Reed.

* Recommendations by the Law Commission in New Zealand indicate a move towards this approach too, but our current government have stated they will not consider it. Says something about our government, IMO.