June 30th, 2010


Driving Sound

I may have spent some time in happyblissland last night, sitting in my car in the carport with the manual (only 12 pages!), figuring out how to work MORE DOOF. I tried it with ambient, happy hardcore, Spoonhead, 90s angst-rock and 80s cheese on both CD and USB. It has lots of different EQ settings and they actually sound different too. I've chosen the 'space' one as the most cross-genre appropriate.

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And, a question for the costumiers on my flist. I've been making a fitted coat, and am now up to the final stage of attaching fastenings. The pattern calls for velcro but I have aesthetic and practical objections to this. The options are buttons - lots of them using tiny loops to fasten, or a row of domes. Domes would probably look tidier, but I'd be inserting them through two layers of heavy wool weave and I'm not sure about the potential for pulling and fraying given that there will be some pressure on them when fastened.