June 25th, 2010



So I bought the Galant. Turns out it has a near-perfect service history and the photos in the ad didn't actually do it justice - it's completely straight with not a scratch on it. O.o And the guy took the Lancer as a trade despite me telling him he's taking a gamble as to how much it'll cost to make it saleworthy.

So yay! I have a new car. Or, I will tonight, when I skip Fidels to take delivery. I will be at the SoS meeting though. Or maybe both, because, you know, new car! Gotta drive! *fidget*

However, as expected it came with the factory stereo - which includes a Kenwood radio/cassette head unit and front speakers that are okay at best.

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Also, would it be weird for me to enlist Polly's potion help to make my car smell like cookies? I'm done with my car smelling like cigarette smoke, so there'll be no smoking in this one - which means I'll need something else to mask the sheep smell..

Hey look, I still have car wank left in me!