June 24th, 2010


So this personal trainer lark

Was pretty entertaining. She'd taken the shearing thing to heart and thought up things to do based around "the muscles I thought you might use for that". Hee! Enter the swiss ball. "Pretend it's a sheep." "Um, that one's a bit big"... "OK here's a lamb."


So anyway, she definitely made me sweat and grunt, and today I have pleasant pain in all sorts of places that haven't been hit for a while. She even managed to make my upper back muscles a bit sore - this is no mean feat and I'm totally impressed. I'm also impressed at how close to the mark she got with the muscles we were targeting - there are some irrelevant sore bits, but for the most part, the bits that hurt are also the bits that hurt after shearing. Win! Would do again.

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And again, I find myself with nothing to say after that.