June 22nd, 2010



It seems that cars with manual gearboxes are a bit like hen's teeth these days. I've had a look around online and here are some examples of what's around in my price range and engine size, that has a manual gearbox and hasn't done a ridiculous amount of kms:

Toyota Carib 1998

Renault Megane 1999

Subaru Impreza 2000

Other things I'm looking for - the liftback factor. What I really want is my current car again in a newer model, but it seems I'm plumb out of luck there. Of the ones listed above, I think I like the Toyota best, but I'm unsure about AWD because I've never experienced it. Reviews say it's a fuel-efficient car, but I'm going 'compared to what?' because I've been driving a 2WD of the same size for the last 6 years.

The Renault is making me go 'hmm' because it's the lowest kms, but reviews suggest these cars are prone to weird faults and European cars tend to cost way more to repair than Japanese ones.

The Impreza was the only thing that came up on Turners Wellington in the right engine size with a manual gearbox. I don't think I'd seriously look at this car, but feel free to tell me why I should.

Also, feel free to tell me why I should consider an automatic, apart from the obvious fact that it'll increase my options.

And just so it's not all about cars, what do you think of this?