June 18th, 2010


The difference between a vuvuzela and a woman's genitals - EXPLAINED!

In case you haven't already seen it, there's a thing going around that's making lots of people rage. Apparently, at Cornell University, a doctor named Dix Poppas is engaging in female genital mutilation.

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And on a less serious note - vuvuzelas. Most people had never heard of them prior to the beginning of the soccer world cup. I only had because there was a Camp Vuvuzela at AfrikaBurns, which had a giant one out the front. They also ran the radio station, Radio Vuvu. Now, it seems almost everyone knows what they are - there's even an Urban Dictionary entry listing them as an instrument of torture. I don't follow the soccer, but I did walk past a pub the other day which had a TV that was emitting a noise that sounded like swarming bees. I can see how that could get annoying, however I hold that the aerosol horns they have at sports matches here are worse.

Mostly I just think people like saying 'vuvuzela'. Cos it's a neat word.