June 15th, 2010

going native

OMG the hairz!

My pyjama pants fell off. I think this means my body shape is changing. No, I haven't lost any weight - I checked, cos I can't really afford to lose weight so I'm being careful. But, um, yeah. Pantses on groundses. Golly.

So, hands up who lives in Wellington and woke up a lot last night, interspersed with dreams about being in a noisy environment? For me, it was a tropical island full of swaying palm trees. Turns out it was tropical because ferrouswheel finally got cold enough to chase me around the bed (usually i chase him to steal his warm). Anyway, for those playing along in climates where it's summer, last night we had Sudden!Loud!Southerly!Storm! and it was impressive. Today, it's chilly but breaking up. Yesterday was fine and still. Welcome to Wellington, we have weather.

It's solstice in a week. Also, The Kid's birthday. He'll be 15. And he's still growing.

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OK enough of that. Here, have a thing:

Yes, I played this on Saturday night. Only it was a dance mix, so it had MORE DOOF.