June 14th, 2010


I did it

On Saturday night I played tunes for real live people. It was.. an interesting experience - and the best bit was having zero emotional investment in whether or not people liked it. I made the set for one person (the birthday boy) and that person's enjoyment was what it was about. I got to follow a live band that played cover versions of Eagles and Fleetwood Mac songs, and when I started I could almost hear the people thinking: "They're playing that TECHNO music!" What I was actually playing was house-based dance mixes of 80s pop songs, but hey. Weirdest set ever, including watching ferrouswheel fall asleep on the couch during my set. I don't hold this against him, since he managed to sleep through most of rikan_feral's set too, and probably would have slept through the band if it wasn't so loud.

Anyway, I did it. And I feel good about that.

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There was ice on the wharf this morning.