June 11th, 2010


In which I make a silly mistake and hurt myself

Things wot I am learning:

The ways in which I have used my body for my entire life have been geared towards making things easy for myself. Sheep shearing, rock climbing, handling horses - these things are hard, and often require endurance above strength. The big weights involved also mean that my puny strength is of less value than a technique that allows me to use my body weight in clever ways to avoid straining myself. For example, when throwing a sheep, you turn its head away from you and towards its rear, then push down and towards yourself on its rump, stepping out of the way. The sheep will naturally tip because of the pressure on its neck and back legs, and you can use the momentum of its collapsing rear end to kind of roll the front end up off the ground, ending up with it sitting bum-down and leaning upright with its back against your legs. Then you can grip with your knees to assist your arms in dragging it backwards. This is how someone my size can catch and drag sheep that are bigger than I am.

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Also, oh flist, help me out here. What's your favourite dance track from the 1980s?