June 9th, 2010


Ssh, don't tell anyone, but the sun is shining..

Speed of Sound Mach III went really well, by the way. I approve of the venue shift to Maya. I've never really bothered with it because while it's ravetastic decor, they've always been playing crap music when I've been passing. However, bringing our own DJs fixed that problem, and hey presto, nice party with enough randoms dropping in from the club scene around town to keep it going when the regular crew were resting - and they all had a good time too!

I like that we can spin our LED toys outside, and it also makes people come for a look - at one point we had a queue outside, waiting to get in, and folks were leaving the queues for other venues to come check out what we were doing.

I danced my ass off, and Squiddy stayed attached (which is nice given I don't have sufficient hair to do the buns you normally use for attaching dreadfalls so had to improvise), and with nothing on the next day there was enjoyable late-night relaxing after the gig. I like the direction Speed of Sound is going, and that we have a group of enthusiasts now that's big enough so people can take time out from it and know it will still go ahead well. Go team!

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We got our Polly back last night! *squee*

Also, First would like the world to know that it's Not Right for ice to fall out of the sky before midwinter, especially when she has to go barefoot. I'm inclined to agree.