June 8th, 2010


Fear my giant spear for it is giant. And pointy.

Further to the WTFing about the women's team training course at Les Mills being called LOOK BETTER NAKED, I'm now curious about what exactly that's supposed to mean. Better than who? I'm also curious as to what Amazon means to you. This is a name that popped up in my head as a more suitable alternative, that matched the SPARTAN title that was given to the men's course.

First, the thing that pisses me off about this is that for me, Spartan conjures up the guys from 300. I suspect this is pretty romanticised, but I spent a lot of my childhood reading Greek mythology, and Sparta was best known for its.. well, its spartan-ness, its self denial, austere refusal of luxury, and the toughness of its soldiers. Reading more deeply as an adult, I know that it wasn't just the men in Sparta who were held to these standards but the women as well. However, I think we can all agree that when we think 'Spartan' we think 'tough, spare, self-contained, capable of withstanding and enduring, masculine.' Which is great.

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Meanwhile, because that was long and you may not have read it, here, have a thing:

Padded panties to make your bum look bigger.

I kid you not. O.o Am I the only one who's wondering about the application of the principle of looking better naked to someone wearing a pair of these?

And guys - do you really care that much?