June 2nd, 2010


More coffee needed

I finally finished reading Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind From the Big Bang to the 21st Century. I recommend it, to pretty much everyone - even those of a more spiritual bent could find something in this book to ponder. The guy spent 20 years researching what's in there and it shows - 1/3 of the book is references - I'm really glad he doesn't use APA referencing, just saying. He's presenting a theory of evolution that doesn't necessarily conflict, but expands on the 'selfish gene' theory, and provides explanation for phenomena that the individualistic theories of evolution do not. Anyway, it's worth reading even if you take nothing from it but "I didn't know bacteria did that! Way cool!"

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So about those sheep I have to dag. It's now been raining pretty solidly for nearly three weeks. I would like to get them done this weekend. Contact with client is currently equalling "Hi, still raining up there?" "Yup." "OK then." I have had my shiny new handpiece for three weeks (ish) and NOT USED IT OMG!

Have I managed to manifest yet another rain-generating artefact? Should I go sell my services to drought-stricken countries?

PS the next book I read will be physically smaller, damnit.