May 31st, 2010



Last night we watched The Book of Eli. It was the first time I've had a chance to apply the Bechdel test. Don't want to watch the vid and don't know what the Bechdel test is? It's a 'rule of thumb' for movies. To pass the test, a movie has to have at least 2 female characters (with names). These 2 women have to talk to each other, and they have to talk to each other about something other than men. The Book of Eli fails. Abysmally, actually. Which, for me, was kind of distracting. I'm looking at this post-apolcalyptic world and wondering where the hell all the women are. The whole "Hey look the woman's going to betray the guy's trust because, you know, she's a woman and she can't help herself" bit was annoying too. In fact of the four female characters in the movie, NOT ONE was anything other than a plot device. And that was.. disappointing. I mean, I know it's all biblical and that, and the bible tells us that women are chattels with no mind of our own and that we can't be trusted, but really? To have every female character in the movie reinforcing this stereotype (except the obligatory Perfect Weak Madonna cutout)? Way to alienate half your audience.

Oh wait, that's right, action movies are only for men.

Anyway, the setting and Denzel Washington were the best bits about this movie. It was kind of like a video game in feel. The twist at the end was cool - I do wonder how well it would have stood up as a story without that though. And Joel - the hand thing was apparently a sign of a cannibal - shaking hands. This was revealed in whispers too quiet for us to hear after they look at the graves. You were right, those old people were cannibals. I wonder why there were graves if they'd eaten the people though.. Hmm..

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And I got a reprieve on the essay of three days - for some reason the lecturer moved the hand-in date out to Friday, which meant I got to stop at the end of the drafting process. This is good, because I really don't like this essay all that much (can we say 'exercise to show what you've learned instead of interesting learning experience'?) and want to give it a day or so before polishing it to see if I can make it better by coming back with fresh eyes.

Meanwhile, it's stopped raining. Sorry Nitro, I still haven't dagged those sheep and now it will be this weekend. Please console yourself by realising that the rain will be focused on where I am and not where you are...

Oh!Oh!Oh! And The Kid is kicking maths arse. Just saying.