May 28th, 2010


And in the blue (with cold) corner...

So the fake boxing wasn't quite as fake as I thought it'd be. No, there were no knockout punches or anything, but it did appear to be proper boxing training.

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So don't start calling me Slugger just yet. Maybe Flailer?

And then I went home and The Kid demonstrated his new aikido move on me (one of the kyos, can't remember which), followed by an impressive left jab. He's contemplating changing to the Massey aikido club. Anyone know anything about this one? He's doing riai at the moment - my experience with them is based in my training in kenkyukai, which finds riai to be quite harsh and forceful by comparison. Anyone got some perspective on where the Massey group falls on that spectrum? In some respects I think the rigidity of riai is better for a teenager to learn because it gives you clear direction - kenkyukai is about 'feel' which is a concept that's harder to grasp and make progress in, and you often feel like you're flailing rather than progressing.

Blah blah blah. Anyway, it can stop raining if it likes now. I have sheep to dag and a request to not be doing it next weekend (it being a holiday weekend and all). This weekend I have an essay to write, and then four weeks of no essayness. Bliss. Also, sewing. *nod* And some of it will be for me, damnit.