May 27th, 2010


In which I visit a place of worship and indulge my consumeristic self

So the gym was interesting. I didn't actually do anything gymmish but we had a look around at the various things. The only thing that really weirded me out was a class called Body Pump, in which rows of people performed movements holding weights, standing in rows while someone up the front yelled at them. I think the yelling was motivational and directional, but it was a big echoey room so it was actual, vein-bulging yelling and that was.. odd. I guess that if you're doing an exercise and it's hard, you probably wouldn't notice. I imagine I'd get over being weirded out by it fairly quickly.

Tonight we are going to do fake boxing. I say fake because we will be hitting punchbags and pads not people, and it's supposed to be for exercise not training. But they did say if I enjoyed it they do proper boxing as well and I could train if I wanted.

Overall, my impression was "My they have a lot of stuff." I guess that would be good because you could vary what you did from day to day according to what you felt like. Anyway, I'll give it a week of trying things and see if it tickles my fancy.

Then there was the obligatory trip to Farmers because I don't have 'gym clothes'. Seriously, no trackies, no shorts, no runners. I don't own jeans either, but that's another story. And I had no clue what I was supposed to be buying, so thank you Dr Wheel for your patience and help. Today I am going to buy some shoes. They will the best shoes that not-much-money can buy.

Meanwhile, I had a sneaky read of rivet's researchy books last night. That wasn't quite what I envisioned when I said I wanted to pick her brains, but it was still useful. I can now spout statements like 'grounded theory' and 'independent variable' in a knowledgeable way. One day I will actually catch you at home, lady. And I won't be illegally parked and we will get to hang out. Yes.

I am guessing that most of you have already heard of the Century Project (sort of nsfw depending on how they feel about non-sexual nudity) - as usual I will probably find that everyone else was born knowing about this and maybe some people I know are actually in it. But anyway, what do you think of it? I think it's awesome, I'd love to be in it. I have one question. Why only women? I'd love to see something similar done with men, because men's naked bodies are in many ways even more taboo*, and I'd like to see both the photos and the response to them.

* Had an interesting exchange the other day about this - the way that in the 70s men had unbuttoned shirts and speedos, but over the course of the 80s a kind of puritanism crept in, in which men's shirts must now be buttoned and their shorts long and roomy, lest they be considered gay. I was kind of wondering if the HIV panics and the myths surrounding AIDS and homosexuality that were rife in the 80s had anything to do with this but don't have time to research it.

Also, thank you to everyone who posted yesterday. You made my day. Along with my consumeristic glee at ordering three books:

Pharmako/Gnosis: Plant Teachers and the Poison Path - Dale Pendell
True Hallucinations - Terence McKenna
Animals and Psychedelics - Giorgio Samorini (apparently a summation of Siegel's Intoxication).

I need a bigger bookshelf - or to be bold and bring my library out of my room at risk of freaking out visitors.