May 17th, 2010


(no subject)

I seem to have produced an essay. Shut up Happy, you'd do the same thing.

National Super have now acknowledged that I can act as an agent for my Mum. And unlike Work and Income, they don't backdate reduction in subsidies, so my Mum has not accrued a debt while in the hospice. Good things, back there.

Turns out "It's being sorted, don't worry" in reference to application for the required things for hospital care in a rest home, actually means "We'll send you the form". Ploughing through that is tonight's mission.

Meanwhile, Mum is filling up her room with cuddly toys, and the fish are in their new home.

I brought my magic brolly to work today and the sun came out. Ph3ar my magic brolly! Also, I bought a handpiece. I should be more excited about this than I am, since of all the things I spend money on, this is one that will earn its value back multiple times over. But it's machinery and, well.. meh. It has no LEDs and no shiny bits. It does mean my shearing hassle will be reduced because I can shear pretty much anywhere though. So it's good, just not *heyskipexciting*

Today I'm mostly sane, I think.

PS What's with the outboundlink thing on LJ? I'm kind of tired of clicking every link twice before it works.