May 10th, 2010


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I've been having fun with bureaucracy lately as you know, and if I were to count the ways in which I'm still being shagged around unnecessarily in various ways, I'd be here for a while. HOWEVER! This morning I'd like to toss a bouquet to two organisations:

1. The Department of Internal Affairs (Passport division) for renewing my passport in a timely manner and with no hassles*. None. OMG!
2. The Cuba Mall pharmacy for taking a photo of me that not only meets the passport criteria, but actually makes me look halfway decent.

These people have made my day today.

* When I got my original passport, they sent the photos back and the ones they accepted made me look more like a meth-addicted terrorist than I ever could in real life. They also couldn't find me in the citizenship book because someone spelled my surname wrong when it was written in there back in 1975. They tried to convince me I should start going by a misspelled surname rather than have them fix it. I was expecting more hassle this time, so to have none is AWESOME A++ would passport again.

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There is a chance that the deafness in my left ear is caused by a stubborn (two years and counting) blockage. I had thought it was permanent, but the plane trip on Friday seems to have shifted something and now I'm booking myself into the doctor to see if it's really just *insert something gross here* that can be removed. If it turns out this is the case, this could quite literally change my life. Being deaf makes me antisocial.

*crosses everything*

Right, off to do battle with the rest of bureaucracy now.