May 3rd, 2010


Riding in cars with boys

One of the things we did this weekend was watch Death To Smoochy. Reading critical reviews of this movie reinforces my opinion that good art is art you like and the movie critics generally have a different opinion of what makes good art from mine. Some people seem to think this movie is satire, but since I enjoyed it I think it doesn't quite get to satire (I think satire is dumb) - I'd call it more just situational black comedy, and I found it highly amusing.

I tried really hard to find a photo of Edward Norton in the pink furry rhino rave pants, but couldn't. I will say, though, that the dressing-room scene is the first time I've ever noticed that Edward Norton is hot. And yes, I've seen American History X - it just didn't click till now.

Hi I'm Tats and I'm somewhat oblivious.

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PS Some people are bigoted arseholes. Burning someone's library because you don't like what they do is.. *rages incoherently*