May 1st, 2010


Normally you'd get a cut but today you don't.

40 rotations round the sun. Whoah.

I was thinking the other day about how 20 seems so long ago. Then I was thinking about 60, which is 20 years away. And 20 years is a hell of a long time. Therefore I have a hell of a long time between now and 60, and 20 years of adventures is a lot of adventures.

I'm actually more worried about other people's reactions to me turning 40 than I am about my own. First person that tells me to change the way I live, think or act because of my age gets a free poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Followed by "NO YOU" and maybe "YOUR FACE."

Because I am that mature.

Meanwhile, here's wot I bought with the money Mum gave me for my birthday:

The hair, not the head or the goggles, I already had those. The hair has been christened Squiddy, and if I ever get bored with it I'll put some googly eyes on it and keep it in a tank. I wanted to use the money for something frivolous that I'd be unlikely to buy for myself normally. And of course, to support Ms Wildilocks in her adventures in Wellington. Wins all round! Do I have the cajones to wear this to the hospice this afternoon?

Also, yay for birthday books! This is considered a classic of drug literature (Alexander Shulgin is the chemist who resynthesised MDMA and has explored analogues ever since) and I've wanted it forever. *smooches dr wheel*

Last night the lovely khaybee caused a 'cake' of chips to happen, complete with candles, which made me feel very special. I know I've been isolating myself lately and I'm kind of overwhelmed that people are going out of their way to do nice things for me. You guys are awesome.

And my two favourite ladies gave me TOWELS AND SHEETS of the luxurious variety. This is my secret weakness. You know how some people are about cosmetics and shoes? I'm like that about manchester. To the point where I don't go in those shops because otherwise I'd send us bankrupt. It's a little known thing but rivet and pombagira know, and they indulged me. *rolls around in nice stuff*

I feel utterly spoilt, with my tummy full of bacon and bagels and coffee, still in bed at nearly lunchtime. Platto approves:

That's his approving look.