April 28th, 2010


Ohai, it's rant Wednesday

Although, I'm not sure I have a rant at the ready.

I have decided to continue with my study since it's distracting, and it's now getting into territory I'm finding quite familiar what with having just completed a bunch of field research as an assistant for a sociological study. There's a good chance that as long as I can keep up with the assessment stuff I'll come out of it with a decent mark, and there is also the opportunity to go for aegrotat if everything turns to custard.

Meanwhile, I'm not particularly impressed with the DomPost's coverage of the Switched On Gardener busts. I'm unimpressed with the Deputy Police Commissioner bragging that they've locked up over 1000 people over the last four months. New Zealand is second only to the US in imprisonment rates and we're catching them up fast, and the police are bragging about locking up people for (mostly) non-violent offences.

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So keep on building those private prisons guys, because we're gonna need somewhere to put those dangerous, expensive criminals that were costing the POOR TAXPAYERS SO MUCH with their cookie eating and liberal pacifist talking.

I have to ask, if the cure is worse than the disease, does it make sense to keep treating it?

Oh look, I had a rant after all.

[edit] Just as an aside, my Dad got really interested in hydroponics when I was a kid. He actually WAS growing tomatoes, and geeked out on altering the nutrient balance to make the tastiest ones possible. He was really good at it. I'm sure everyone thought he was growing dope but he wasn't. Yes, some people really do use hydroponics to grow things that aren't dope.