April 27th, 2010


In which I shift loyalties, quite a lot ackshully

So, since it's Tuesday, that means that in the US-centric world of the internet, it's Boobquake day. I am wondering what will happen if there actually is an earthquake.

OK, to the question of the day: What do Atari, Neil Strauss, and State Insurance have in common? Well, not a lot actually, except they all get a mention in this post.

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Meanwhile, parent teacher interviews were as frenetic and crazy as always. 5 minutes is not long enough, and I feel really sorry for the teachers sitting in their chairs for several hours, being bombarded with concerned parents without getting a break because the schedule flies out the window within half an hour and then it's all on. But it's still kind of useful.

Apparently my kid rocks at physics. Should I be afraid?