April 22nd, 2010


Dear John Key, you suck, kthxbye

Dear politicians,

If you think a separate youth minimum wage is a good idea (and there are some arguments for this that make sense), you also need to provide a separate youth maximum rent and separate youth public transport/utility subsidies, or provide a supplement that brings the income of the average 'youth' up to the equivalent of an older person doing the same job, because nobody's cutting them any slack on cost of living.

Just saying.

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Also, politicians, the youth unemployment rate isn't necessarily because of the abolition of youth rates. In a recession, apprentices and inexperienced staff get laid off first, and taken back on last. It's a Thing. Fix the recession and you'll fix the youth unemployment problem. By the way, please stop victim blaming.

And it's official - NZ's criminal justice system is not about rehabilitation or prevention, it's about revenge, pure and simple. Which achieves nothing, but whatever. Not letting prisoners vote is a pointless dehumanisation tactic designed to buy the votes of stupid people.

I am not stupid and I will not be voting for governments who insult my intelligence by such tactics.