April 16th, 2010


Napping under my desk

Last night I decided I needed to listen to whiny emo music while sewing, and set about transferring Placebo's Without You I'm Nothing to Socrates (the dedicated music machine). Weirdly, Socrates had disappeared off the network. I've been having an 'interesting' time establishing workgroups/homegroups that include both Socrates and Aristotal (my desktop/gaming/stuff machine), because Socrates runs on XP and Aristotal runs on Windows 7. Win7 says it's simple to add machines to your homegroup, but it's only simple if they run on Win7. XP? Whole different story. But that's OK because we have an internal wireless network and clicking the 'Network' icon usually brings them all up. Last night, no Socrates. Nope, no idea why. Rebooting did not help. So I decided to tackle it from the other side, created a workgroup on XP called Illuminati, and went to add Aristotal to it (What? He so would have joined if he wasn't already dead).

Oddly enough, partway through the process where I was supposed to add a network address, Aristotal popped up as an option, I was able to log in there through Socrates and whammo! - transfer files. I still don't really know how it works, but as long as I can see one from the other I don't really care. And now the mispronounced greek philosophers are talking to each other. Next step? World domination. With a whiny emo soundtrack.

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morbid_curious will very likely be at Fidels tonight. Come down and say hi!

I just realised that I've seen most of my friends naked. I'm glad I can't say the same about my colleagues.

Also, note to self - need more thread.