April 15th, 2010


Whoah, trippy, doctor!

I've finally finished *crosses fingers* making scales/petals/feathers (not sure which, the answer will be different if you ask me, my Mum or my brother) for The Shiny Jacket Of Doom. 250 of them. Last night I continued with the pinning onto the base coat, which seems to involve pinning a couple, then standing back in Pretentious Artist pose and trying to figure out where to put the next ones. I feel like I should be wearing a beret or something.

It's coming along nicely and it seems the finished article is going to match the vision in my head reasonably closely. I am hoping that I've made enough - it's going to be close, since I'm almost out of satin.. oops. I'm also looking forward to being finished so I can vacuum. When you're cutting little corners and bits off 250 roundy-shaped bits of satin, it's kind of pointless cleaning up until you're finished. Consequently our lounge floor looks like a bride* exploded in there, and I'm afraid the cat will start coughing up cotton balls instead of hairballs.

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But I am interested in why this kind of thing should surface in our news now. Haven't we just got a new Doctor? And mightn't TV watchers with an interest be hunting out articles about him? And oh look, isn't our government about to consider a recommendation from the EACD that LSD be reclassified from Class A to Class B or even Class C, based on evidence that's arisen since it was classified nearly 40 years ago that shows it's not nearly as dangerous as it was made out to be?

I hate to think I might be a conspiracy theorist in the bud, but these things sure seem coincidental to me.

* That is, a bride with a penchant for raver wear..