April 14th, 2010


Git orf mah circuitboard!

Broken brolly* season is starting again. You know, when people who are obviously not from Wellington come here, go "Oh look it's raining, better take my brolly!" and get about 100m before it's a bent and munted shadow of its former self, lying discarded in the gutter? There's one sitting in the car park of my building, it's been there for two weeks.

I am resisting the urge to take it home, along with all the other ones I'll see over the winter season. I am fascinated by the mechanism and the way they brace fabric tightly over struts. I'm sure I could make something cool and costumey out of them. Either that or the shortest-lasting kinetic art ever...

(For those of you who don't live here, Wellington is notorious for strong and gusty winds that seem to blow from all directions at once, exacerbated by the funnelling effect of the streets. We're in the part of the country where weather systems clash. I'd love to see a comparison between wind here and say, Chicago, the US's 'windy city')

* I'm told there's a creepy short story by some science fiction author about broken brollies - anyone want to fill me in?

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Meanwhile, in case you haven't seen it already, this is what's giving me lulz today. Also, I may be deviously attempting to introduce my Mum to lolcats. Because I think she'll get it.