April 12th, 2010


Secret government ANYTHING is wrong, y'hear?

On Saturday night when we got home from the PublicACTA afterparty, The Kid was crashed out on a beanbag in the lounge. I woke him up to go to bed, and as he stood I had one of those moments as he just went up and up and up, where I went "My how he's grown!" So last night we measured him - and he's just hit 6'1". When he arrived in late January last year, he was the same height as me (5'7") - which means he's grown 6 inches in the last year, and now he can rest his chin on the top of my head.

Yes, I had a proud Mum moment. Even though I didn't really do anything to be proud of, I am still going "Whoah check out mah well-grown offspring, he'll be good for pullin the plough!"

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tl;dr ACTA is a secret agreement that could potentially give control of the internet and other things like medication to large corporations while removing freedom of choice from Joe Public. Your governments are negotiating this agreement but won't tell anyone what's in it. If you think this is wrong, sign here:

NZ ACTA petition.

US ACTA petition.

And tell all your friends.

Gosh, I didn't realise I cared so much about this. ;-/

In other news, I spent the weekend sewing. I am pleased with the results. There will be photos, but not till it's finished.