April 9th, 2010


Incomprehensible gobbledegook with extra added unnecessary wordsoup

Today I am in yet another meeting. We will be talking about.. um.. actually I'm not sure, but at least it won't be concrete.

I got my essay back. A+. Apparently I did get the point, even though I didn't know I'd got the point. I'll take that. ;-) Also, the lecturer said I write clearly. I'm glad of this, since my biggest beef with academia is that half the writers seem to think they need to be virtually incomprehensible in order to make their argument. If I have to sit there with a dictionary and decipher the meaning of a paragraph phonetically instead of absorbing it in context, not only am I not going to learn anything (except the meanings of some new words), I will also probably fail to grasp their argument. How can I possibly agree or disagree, or have my opinion changed, if I have no idea what the writer is saying?

Or is it just a big have, designed to make people think the writer has a point while in fact covering up waffle? The problem is, I have no idea which it is, because I generally don't finish articles like that. Instead I go looking for articles that are accessible and that I might actually learn something from*.

Anyway, I hope this clear writing thing sticks around and my writing doesn't get academified. Please whack me if it does, mmk?

* The exception is Foucault. He makes my head explode, but that's not the writing style, it's the concepts and the way he moves between individual practicalities and societal abstractions within the same sentence - I can feel it bending my brain, kind of like gym for the mind.

Last night there was sewing, this weekend there will be sewing. This is because all the sheep are shorn, I've finally finished the BZP interviews (second round), and uni is on holiday so I have free time. 2 x items for others and an inkling of a couple of things for myself. Then I should get my machine serviced. I'm thoroughly impressed with this machine - 3 years of heavy use with no servicing and it's still going strong, for a grand total of $150. But yes - maintenance is probably a good plan at this point.

PS rivet, will you be at Fidels? I have something for you to try on.