April 7th, 2010


OMG culture shock

The Kid is on holiday at the moment. Yesterday, he found an aerial from somewhere and made the TV go. Like, real TV, that thing that's broadcast from Over There, with programming chosen by someone else. This is unusual for us, I haven't had TV since ~2000, with the exception of my brother's one which was permanently tuned to either the music station or the shark, croc and dinosaur station Discovery.

After the initial bout of OMGITSSHOUTINGATME, The Kid decided he wanted to watch the news. I was kind of like "OK but please take it with a grain of salt." So what was news in New Zealand last night? Well, um.. some guy has retired from rugby (or league, or something). The Easter road toll was quite high and John Key, who is apparently now an expert, said it was because people drive too fast, don't pay attention and weren't wearing seat belts. Some people drowned, and there was a leak of a video in which US soldiers killed some unarmed civilians in Baghdad.

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All of which is why I tell The Kid to take the news with a grain of salt. I'm no kind of expert at this stuff by any means, and a few years ago I would've just accepted it too. While I still had a TV and got this kind of information daily, I thought I was well-informed. And then I started reading other stuff and studying, and now I don't really believe very much at all of what I see in the media. And I'd really like for my son to skip the 15 or so years of ignorance as an adult before he gets into that critical thinking stage.

Of course I may just be condemning him to a life of cynicism..