April 6th, 2010

going native

Mr Bean on a motorised surfboard

Dear Neil Strauss,

I read your column because I like the way you write, and because you're often entertaining. Also, of the people in the PUA community, you're one of the few who doesn't come across as secretly hating and being afraid of women. But today, you're dead wrong*, for two reasons:

1. 'Women' are not a homogenous group. The homogenous group you're looking for is 'women who throw themselves at famous people'.
2. There is a vast difference between telling jokes and having a sense of humour. I suggest you learn the difference. Saying things that are amusing as part of conversation does not equal acting like a buffoon, therefore being the class clown, or talking to comedians, is not an appropriate experiment for seeing if what women say about liking a sense of humour is wrong. What makes me laugh in a show is not what makes me laugh in individual company. I thought you would have figured this out by now and I'm kind of disappointed in you. Please think a bit harder.

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Meanwhile, on Saturday there was the opening of Wildilocks Wellington. I wore a corset. Oooh! (i like my corset but don't get much opportunity to wear it). Anyway, they have Cool Stuff, and you should go have a look because it's very reasonably priced, and unlike anything you'll find anywhere else in this town. The kind of stuff that is funky enough for a festival, while also being warm and practical. Top of Cuba St, on the left opposite the fish and chip shop, say hi and step over me who will be having clothes and hairgasms in the corner.

Finally, I like Settlers 7. It's challenging enough that the tutorial is kicking my arse, and I really like the way you can zoom from god view right down to watching an individual NPC shear a sheep. Yes, it has shearing. They don't use the Bowen method, just saying - in fact if you actually did what they do to a sheep it'd die. But hey! Fantasy sheep farming! I'm sold.


Oh, and a question for Tuesday - do butoh dancers ever smile?