March 31st, 2010


Warm sleepy eyed boy makes it hard to get out of bed

Yesterday I got asked to contribute to the redesign of a large website I use a lot for my work. The designers showed me a bunch of frameworks for sites (dunno the technical terms) and asked me questions about which of their headings I'd use to find X information. We went through several of these, then got to more detailed stuff containing drop down menus and the like. It was good. I was able to help them see where information should be linked, where it should perhaps be available under more than one heading, and provide quite a lot of clarification around language use and consistency. It took about an hour, at the end of which I suggested they get my Mum in to do the same thing, the idea being that if it's really intuitive, someone who NEVER uses the site should be able to find stuff there too.

Then they gave me a $50 Whitcoulls voucher, which I went and spent on Figments of Reality. On first glance it looks to read like Foucault if he had a sense of humour and was also a scientist. I like that there's a chapter entitled "We wanted to have a chapter on free will, but we decided not to, so here it is." And the alternatives in Whitcoulls were pretty lame.

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Wow. I looked at the DPB site this morning and discovered that the current sole parent rate is $278 after tax a week. Just to put that into perspective, I live in a flatting situation and support one child. I rent two rooms in a three bedroom house that is a fairly cheap rent for Wellington. My weekly expenses for The Kid and me, for rent, power, the internet (equivalent of phone and more or less a necessity these days) and hire of whiteware, comes to $340 for the two of us. That's before we buy food or clothes or try to go anywhere. Those of you who think the DPB is any kind of free ride or subscribe to the 'welfare queen' myth, think again. Or maybe try to support yourself and one other person on that for a while, if you want a reality check on the kind of ride that single parenting on welfare actually is.

Paula Bennett can kiss my ass. Just saying.