March 30th, 2010


"No thank you, I don't want to hold your baby."

I made the mistake of reading circumcision wank first thing in the morning. Now I feel slightly ill. Not because of the wank (I have quite a stomach for that - should I be ashamed?) but because of some of the stories related to wee babies and their ways of expressing pain - which makes me think about the kind of pain involved, and what it must take to do that to a baby.

I've come to the conclusion that my objection to circumcision isn't about foreskin-or-not (although I firmly maintain my preference for the intact penis), but about informed consent and male babies' inability to give it. I believe it's ethically wrong to perform such an operation without informed consent, and that babies are unable to give informed consent, therefore such a decision should be offered to them when they are able to become informed and give consent that is meaningful.

Meanwhile, despite my defence of the rights of tiny babies to be allowed to grow up and make their own decisions about their penises, I seem to be going through a phase where I am grossed out by babies. Sometimes I think they are kind of cute (my kid naturally being the exception - he managed to stay cute even when I was grossed out by other babies, go figure), but lately the bulgy bits where their nappies are, their stubby little fingers and fat cheeks and drool just make me go "OMGARGHDON'TBRINGTHATTHINGANYWHERENEARME!"

Luckily, there are not really any babies in my life at the moment. But.. even ones in pictures are doing it.

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I don't think The Kid has inherited this, by the way. He likes babies and will happily ask to hold them. I'm relieved for him that he gets to have joy in something so simple.