March 29th, 2010


Real gamers don't wear plaid... uhh..

Steps involved in getting The Witcher running on Windows 7:

1. Download three patches totalling 1.5G.
2. Attempt to install patches, discover that installation is blocked until game is registered.
3. Attempt to register game, discover that the key provided in the pack is supposedly invalid.
4. Mutter darkly, open help ticket with company.
5. Surf around for registration issues, discover that registration only works in IE and some settings have to be changed.
6. Attempt registration in IE, still invalid.
7. Read some more, discover that not only do you have to register through IE, you also have to be logged into the website using IE, at the same time, for it to work.
8. Complete registration while cussing under breath about who the hell insists on IE these days?
9. Attempt to install patches. Discover that one patch is corrupted.
10. Finally cave and use a torrent to fix the patch rather than downloading another 900MB.
11. Use little Nero tool to check that none of the other patches are corrupted.
12. Install patches.
13. Play.

I'm told there might still be an issue to fix in which the DirectX 9 that the game installs can corrupt the Direct X 10 I already have, and I'll possibly have to reinstall 10. But so far it seems to be playing OK. The easiest part of this whole install was the patch that makes it run on Windows 7. Seriously.

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And I'm not the only one that feels this way. The gaming industry needs to get its shit together. Women my age have purchasing power. I spend considerable amounts of money on games. And I really am choosing to avoid games that portray women as weak, scantily-clad victims. Or even strong, scantily-clad protagonists.

At least, as much as possible I am. If I wanted to avoid this completely, I'd have to give up gaming. And that would be.. unfortunate.