March 23rd, 2010


It's all in the numbers

I belong to a community on lj that occasionally has 'creepypasta' days - where folks link to the things that are creeping them out. Some folks are veritable mines of creepiness, and it's from one of them that I found myself following a link to's 5 creepiest unexplained broadcasts. On that page, 2 and 3 I reckon are just geeks 'seeing if they could'. 5 - the WoW signal - is just cool. But 1 and 4, IMO, are really creepy. Not the sounds themselves, but the thought that someone is sitting there transmitting them.

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Speaking of which, I seem to have somewhat of a talent for finding things - old, out-of-date unit standards that only exist as ghosts in cyberspace, books and songs that people can only remember snippets of, the identity of trolls.. doing these things is a challenge and I really enjoy it. I am wondering what sort of career direction would involve making money out of using the sort of skills involved in doing these things. Any suggestions?