March 18th, 2010


Dear scientologists, cite your sources, kthxbye

So the NZ Law Commission has set up a forum for the discussion of the issues around the review of the Misuse of Drugs Act. I drop in there about once a week to see if anyone's said anything new..

It seems the Scientologists have found it.

Moreover, it seems the Scientologists have an agenda of attempting to get the Narconon progamme instigated in New Zealand prisons. It started with one chap by the name of Kevin Owen spamming comments all over the show about the current drug treatment programmes and their failure to deliver, strangely interspersed with links and quotes from various Dianetics sites. Then another showed up, calling him/herself Iatrogenic Doctor. This one claims to have been the main person behind the implementation of Narconon in Russia. Naturally, people started going "Um, Dianetics? L Ron Hubbard? Scientology? Quack organisation!" To which the good Doctor took offence, stating that Narconon is the biggest rehab organisation in the world, achieving success rates far in excess of any other programme available today.

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In other news, Helpful IRD Lady called me back, there had been a mistake in calculation, and normal programming should resume shortly. Also, apparently my making noise saved the mistake from dragging out for several months before being discovered, and consequently adding another several thousand dollars to The Kid's Dad's debt.

Sometimes shit stirring is the right thing to do, I guess.