March 17th, 2010


Gosh. My stars say 'opinionated week' - how bout yours?

O hay, it's St Patrick's day. And by pure fluke, I'm wearing green. No really. I didn't realise until I started to read my flist and a bunch of Americans were going "St Paddy's day tomorrow!" Yay for having a timezone advantage on remembering dates! *hugs america*

Booked my plane tickets for OzBurn last night - they ended up coming in about $90 cheaper than I expected to pay, but I was still surprised by the breakdown of costs - the tickets themselves were $347 or something, then there was the $50 insurance, and then $149 worth of various service and airport charges (with GST added on top). I don't remember ever running into this 'various service charges' thing before, and it surprised me.

But still, exciting! Now to go and get passport photos. I'm quite glad my passport's up for renewal - in my current photo I look like a heroin-addicted terrorist, so the next one's gotta be better, right? Right? Does ANYONE have a flattering passport photo? Anywhere?

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But you know, they've been seen to be doing something about it, and I guess that's all that counts, right?