March 15th, 2010


Beware the ides of March!

Since finishing the Illuminati cloaks for Kiwiburn, I've been without a project. I mean yeah, I have had stuff to do - study, dj practice, The Kid, day-to-day living, Psylent Night, etc etc etc - but I haven't had an actual project. You know, one of those things that your head chews on for a while and then you sit down and create something out of nothing? And I've been feeling this absence as a sense of stagnation, as if I'm not doing anything or going anywhere.

Yes yes, I know this is silly - I'm always busy. But it seems the process of creation is quite important to my sense of motion.

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Also - I think we've established that parenting is hard. But last week, I managed to figure out a way in which The Kid can have his monthly money and get his lernins about budgeting, and this weekend he got his payment. It warmed my heart that the first things he spent money on were birthday presents for Joel and his Grandma, and food so that he could make us breakfast in bed. I might have had a Mum moment.

Anyway, I want to know what other people have as projects. I know pretty much everybody has one. What are you making/doing in your free time right now, and how much satisfaction do you get from it?