March 11th, 2010



I really hate it when my phone rings and I go to grab it and push the wrong button and it cuts the other person off, and they don't call back. Don't they realise I HAVE TO KNOW? Especially when I'm waiting for a call from the nice IRD lady, the one that's actually trying to help me. Oddly enough, I got the stuff she sent me in the mail, but I have yet to receive anything from the department informing me of anything. Not impressed, IRD, not impressed.

Anyway, on to more important things. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ferrouswheel! You are now lots of things, including a happy number, a perfect number, and a Stormer number. Also, you share a birthday with Thora Birch and the Ford XE Falcon. Che bro.

So if you happen to see Dr Wheel in your travels today, please give him a big hug (he's nice to hug).

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One day I'll see a porn movie made to include the tastes of women and it actually will. I hold out hope, which is one of the reasons I keep subjecting myself to these things. I occasionally have success - The Story of O hit the mark for me (hello, intelligent plot and realistic depiction of how people might behave in such situations), as does quite a lot of the stuff, which doesn't pretend to have a plot and uses real people responding in real ways to what's happening. Anyone know of any good stuff out there made by women? I don't think I've ever seen a porn flick made by a woman, and I'd like to see what that looks like.

Meanwhile, Alice in Wonderland tonight. I'm excited!