March 3rd, 2010


Flexin mah brainz - OW!

This morning on the way to work I met pagurus who was wearing the suit he got married in. I approve of this re-use of suit thing, and am most impressed. However, I think my Dad wins at re-use of suits - he got cremated in the same suit he got married in.

Meanwhile, uni is back, and it appears that this time round they've upped the ante on the workload.

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Last night we went to Ignite Wellington. There were many great talks, on topics ranging from Realising Your Ideas, to What Goes Through Your Head When Running Up The Empire State Building, to The New Shape Of The Music Industry - but two stood out in my mind. One was Lance Wiggs talking about how Failure Is The Best Option in the context of his motorcycle travels, and how his best adventures happened due to things going wrong. He was funny and interesting and he made a very good point. The other was Mark Harris talking about the problems with ACTA (for those who don't know, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). The biggest problem according to Mark is the secrecy in which it's being negotiated - there is no avenue for public input or debate. He spoke about what this might mean for New Zealand in the context of pharmaceuticals - if generic-brand pharmaceuticals were declared to be counterfeit under this agreement, patients may be forced to use Prozac instead of fluoxetine for example, at quite considerably more cost. And nobody knows what is being discussed, and apparently this is a 'won't not can't' situation in terms of sharing information.

That's pretty scary to me. I admit I know little about ACTA but I do know that plenty of people I respect think it's The Bogeyman, and that the next round of negotiations are happening here, and that our government is a willing participant. Maybe I should find out more.

Anyway, Ignite was better than I expected it to be. I recommend it, and I really like the community/public nature of it. In fact I think some of you should speak at it, next time they have one. dreadbeard, happyinmotion, beagl and ferrouswheel spring to mind.

* Of course now I've been to the first lecture I know all about it. My research shows that 2/3 US sociologists have bad teeth. From a sample size of 3. The two in the movie we watched, and rivet (who is the one with the good teeth).