February 26th, 2010


In which I ramble about money

The first lump of my new salary band arrived in my bank account this morning. I've spent the last couple of weeks since hearing about it, gleefully plotting and scheming what to do with it, performing mental calculations and figuring out exactly how to arrange things so I can live the life to which I'd like to become accustomed.

And now it's there, I find myself just wanting to hoard it.

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In other news, it seems that on Aotea Quay, where the speed limit is 70 for half of it and 50 for the other half, most folks are taking an average and going 60 along the whole length. I find it hard to drive at 60 - 50 is good in 3rd gear and 70 is good in 4th, but 60 is that in-between speed where the motor revs high or labours depending what gear you're in. I conclude that most other people are driving automatics.