February 25th, 2010


Capitalism vs Humanity in the Thunderditch

The last couple of days I've been off work on sick leave. I haven't actually been sick, as in the usual reasons one might take sick leave. No snot, hacking, vomiting, sweating - in fact apart from what could be described as toothache in the bum (probably brought on by swinging a heavy crowbar in unstable footing on the side of a hill on Sunday), nothing detectable in terms of illness.

I have been taking what is colloquially known as Mental Health Days.

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Meanwhile, this guy's being 'work-tested' by the Ministry of Social Development. I think work-testing is a misnomer - it doesn't seem to me to be a test when they tell you you have to provide evidence that you've applied for X number of jobs on pain of losing your benefit. It seems more like coercion to me - and I'm not sure I like the idea of being able to force someone to take a crap job when the work they're doing as an activist has more value to society*.

Of course, if this guy's smart enough to be getting cases to the High Court, I have to wonder if there's someone out there who could pay him to be an activist.

* A matter of opinion, of course. But without people like him raising their voices, I wonder what society would look like?