February 24th, 2010


Sarcastic englishmen - how good are they in bed really?

Turns out hot templar action involves squinting, no-tongue kissing, some glimpsed shoulders, and fade-to-black* as cheesy music swells - which continues after everyone gets dressed again.

Also strange - he was quite happy to get down and dirty with me on the floor of the library with everyone there, but when I asked in the dungeon he got all shy, and the lady rogue (who also fancies me apparently) got all disapproving. Clearly neither of them have heard of threesomes!


I guess it serves me right for going the religious route - a novice and a templar wtf? Next time I won't cut the assassin's throat. Bet he'd be fine with dungeon nooky.

* I don't understand this. The game is R16 - at 16 you're allowed to do it but not watch it? Actually, yeah, I guess I do understand. It's still supposed to be mainly about killing monsters, and realistically the majority of players are probably under 16 - I guess not everyone likes pr0n with their monster slaying huh?