February 23rd, 2010


On anonymity

This blog's been around for quite a while (est. Nov 2003!) by internet standards, and since I'm a) mouthy and b) opinionated, there's been pretty much a daily post of Wot's Going On In Tats' Head. Sometimes it's shallow trash, sometimes it's "Hey everyone! I washed my hair! Exciting eh?". Sometimes, it's cutesy pics of things I think are cute, other times it's VALIDATE ME pics of my latest haircut. Sometimes I rant about the latest thing that's pissed me off, sometimes I try to be profound about stuff I've been thinking on, and since I started studying, there's the occasional almost-intelligent commentary about Relevant Current Issues*. And sometimes I foam at the mouth about my passion, which is drug reform.

In other words, pretty standard personal blog fare.

Collapse )

OK, as you were. Normal programming may or may not resume tomorrow, depending on your definition of normal.

* I know. Please shoot me.