February 22nd, 2010


Very Full Weekend

Hi, I'm Tats and I'm feeling kind of virtuous and here'e why - Things Wot I Done This Weekend:

Stacked a cord of firewood for Mum and got to hang out with my brother who is awesome and who I don't usually get to see without the rest of the family present. Yes, we geeked out. It was awesome.
Made a set for Psylent Night, it which I have no idea when I'm playing or who I'm going before and after. It's an hour longer than it needs to be and spans 20bpm - hoping I'll just be able to drop in wherever and it'll be ok.
Have pretty much talked Alistair into bed. We have to kill some more monsters but I'd say next time I play, virtual-mage-Tats is gonna cross some cultural boundaries and break some rules and get some hot templar action. Phwoar*.
Attended Kiwiburn Unplugged. Very cool party at which there was much blobbing on beanbags/couches and some spanking with a variety of kitchen implements.
Shorn the first 20 lambs of the season. These lambs are of a breed with long legs and big ears and small bodies and they look really weird when shorn - like antelopes wearing leg warmers. Vis:

Made some financial arrangements with my offspring that give him more freedom but also more responsibility (without the 'with great freedom' speech nyah). I was buying my own clothes and paying for my own haircuts at his age, so there's no reason he can't.
Shovelled a bunch of gravel while balancing precariously on a hillside waving a wrecking bar.
Eaten lamb burgers (henceforth to be known as The Shearer's Revenge) on Jodi's deck with a bunch of cool people.
Made myself get up and come to work today despite my bed being warm and cosy and having Dr Wheel in it**.

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Also, endorphins for the win. I like the drugs my body manufactures for itself.

* I've never run across this concept in games before, and it adds a new dimension I'm enjoying a lot.
** He should come with a government warning.