February 19th, 2010



This morning, crossing the road I stepped on a wet paint-marking with my plastic-heeled boots* and hit the deck in front of a bunch of people.

The good news is that aikido training is still standing me in good stead, my breakfall worked and I didn't get hurt. The bad news is the split at the back of my dress now reaches right up to my bum. I'm wearing my coat and it's getting warmer by the minute. Hi, I'll be over here going red and shiny. And possibly smelling funny by the end of the day.

Speaking of aikido, The Kid had his first class last night,in which he was thrown across the room by a little kid. He thought it was great and is keen to train regularly. I wonder if I should give him Angry White Pyjamas to read?

Tonight there will be Fidels and it looks like tomorrow there will be the denuding of lambs. I also get to spend some time stacking firewood for Mum. And sewing up my dress. I am approaching my last week of intellectual freedom before having to start thinking about social research methods for a large percentage of my time, just when the Law Commission report on MoDA and the discussion around it is getting really interesting. I should get my submission in before uni starts, I guess.

Question to those who make submissions regularly (I've done it twice but of course you don't get feedback) - which is better, fully referenced essay format or snappy bullet pointed list?

* WHY? Hard plastic + hard concrete = treacherous. What were they thinking? And why did I not notice this when I bought them?